ZETA ceiling

Silver anodized aluminium profile system with above surface mounting. The homogeneous light diffusion is possible thanks to the PMMA satin screen that is fastened to the profile by means of inner slots.

Ability to control light also on profile edge via a number of devices:

  • On/off mechanical switch;
  • On/off TOUCH device;
  • Automatic switch-on via SENSORS.
  • INFRARED on / off device

Available in a number of sizes (also customizable) and a variety of lighting solutions. Product particularly suitable for lighting Kitchens, Wall units, Cabinets, Rooms, Shelves and more. Suitable for mounting on any surface.


  1. Anodized aluminium profile available in any length;
  2. Protective screen in PMMA satin;
  3. STRIP LED mounted on aluminium bars;
  4. Cover closure and profile support, to be used for mounting on various surfaces (see variations below).

This product is available also disassembled. You can construct it according to your needs, checking articles support ZETA extruded