RHO recessed

Anodized aluminium profile with a fixing support steel system. Polycarbonate glazed screen is fixed by jointing it on aluminium, this grant you uniform diffusion of the LED light.
With this item there is the possibility to host and dissipate every type of Strip LED. Dimension of the support allows creation of light sources as primary illumination.
Thanks to accessorizes is possible to create special effects of the light placing profile close to the drywall.
RHO support is available in different dimensions (possibility to customizing it) and you can choose a lot of high luminosity LED lighting solutions.
This item is particularly indicated for be recessed on drywall and for illumination of offices, rooms, hallways, kitchens, etc..


  1. Anodized aluminium profile available in any length;
  2. Glazed protective screen;
  3. Strip LED at your choice between available;
  4. Cover for closure of profile;
  5. Support steel system.

This product is available also disassembled. You can construct it according to your needs, checking articles support RHO extruded

Rho Incasso